The Bromance

These two, ‘Ster and Puzzah, have made friends and it has turned into a lovely bromance.

When ‘Ster dared to go into the hill for a brief sojourn,  upon his return, Puzzah rammed the crap out of him.  I think that is the only way to say it.  He was furious with his friend and they had a huge argument about “What time do you call this?  You just left me and might as well have vanished.  You didn’t even bother telling me you were going.  Is this all I mean to you?”

They have mock battles now, which is, I think, playing and not half as violent as the beating up ‘Ster got when he came home.  Puzzah likes to nuzzle ‘Ster and then bite his horns, which is very odd behaviour and I have no idea why he does it.  It is not something I have ever seen before.  ‘Ster doesn’t seem to mind, either but he has always been a bit odd.

But they love each other so that’s all that really matters.

A fine bromance.

4 thoughts on “The Bromance

  1. Linda

    You said it, a beautiful “bromance” !
    (And good for you, Puzzah, telling Ster just how you felt about his disappearance! )

  2. Cathy

    Love Puzzah, he is a very handsome boy. Do you think he nibbles Ster’s horns just to make quite sure his are the largest?

  3. Sam

    Boys are rather odd in how they express their love for each other. Glad Ster has a good buddy to miss him and yell at him for wandering off.


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