The Black Ones Next

The next colour to be discussed is Black.

We have two black Icelandic horses – father and son.  Taktur and Dreki.

Taktur is of course magnificent.

And Drek, whoi is rather chewed at the moment, is his son. The moth-eaten look is probably due to all the face fighting he does with his Dad.  They play endlessly and Dreki’s main aim is to be very annoying.  He succeeds and it keeps Taktur on his toes.

I have doing little bits with Dreki almost daily.  Today I put Haakon’s bridle on him (might take the bit down a hole, now I see it from this angle). This is the first time Dreki has worn a bitted bridle since he had his wolf teeth removed last autumn.  He was a very good boy.

We chatted about the bridle.

And we walked around a bit on each rein.

And then I popped the reins over his head and we walked together practising voice commands and gentle use of the reins.

Dreki was lovely.  The more I work with him, the more I like him as a chap.

And he has a good trot – let’s hope he tölts too.


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