Buckskin Dun

And lastly we have the two Buckskin Duns – or “Duckskin Bums” as they often end up being called.

Haakon and Iacs. They are cousins with two years between them.

Haakon is slightly lighter in colour, and has a white crescent “star” on his forehead.  He also has blonde highlights in his mane and tail and beautiful black tipped ears.

Iacs has a smaller insignificant star and is darker. He has “zebra” stripes on his withers and legs. They are most visible in the summer when he has a shorter coat.  Both have a strong dorsal stripe.

These two are very similar in many ways.

Except Iacs has a silly frilly.  No one else has a frilly quite as silly.

6 thoughts on “Buckskin Dun

  1. Claire

    You have done a fine job introducing your horses to us. I enjoyed seeing each one up close and personal. I hope you had a lovely spring day with more to come. Not so nice in Wisconsin this week.


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