The Biccie Routine

The Routine.  We have routine.  In fact, it’s all we have.  Routine and we all love a routine.

Today was no exception.

(excuse the rug but heavy rain was diagnosed and excuse the wooden structure too – that’s my anti sheep wrecking fence – patent pending!)

The morning routine is TurmerAid for those that need, so that would be Haakon (old and stiff) and Klængur (wonky back leg) in this field, plus Kappi (was unenthusiastic) and the all the sheep (Lambie = arthritis, ‘Bert and ‘Ster = prone to lameness, Edna = old bat, Madge = because she’s there and had a bad time this winter).

And then everyone gets a biccie – today it was Nice bicscuits as they are not nice except if you are Iacs who loves them and they were going cheap and need finishing.

The sheep got wind of the biccies and put in their request.

They love a biccie, but not Nice ones – they like gingernuts ***sigh ***.

This is ‘Bert’s Winning Smile.  How can I resist?

And so I dish out the right biscuit to the right animal because I am a mug.

And this is Iacs’ version of his Winning Smile.  And, again, how can I resist?

I don’t and now the biscuit tin is empty!  How did that happen?

4 thoughts on “The Biccie Routine

  1. Sam

    The Biccie Tin is empty because of all the love you dish out. Rather like a full service take-out menu?

  2. Linda

    Oh, look at all those happy smiles! How could you not dish out the right biscuit to the right animal ?


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