The Best Present Ever!

This morning our postie delivered a VIP – a very important package to a very important person.


In the package was a lovely pile of tennis balls sent by one of BeAnne’s myriad of fans.  This meant we could swap out the grot.


BeAnne of course realised they were all for her.  After all, the package label said so.


BeAnne was very pleased with her present.


Those bally balls are going everywhere with her.

L1100226 L1100228

And she even managed to write a “thank you” letter.


Dear S****,

Thank you vey vey much for my new tennisballyballs that what you sent to me. Please thank you.

I love them and have put them all in my bed as I am not the sharing type. They were sent to me after all and Loki can have the horrid broken one that I ruined a few days back. He does not care as he is a pikey dog so should be used to nasty old things. Mummy says I have to share but I don’t listen to her unless she is holding food that I like and that is not very often, I can tell you (please, please adopt me).

As the ballyballs get older and I have taken them on dog walks and to the beach, I might let Loki look at one but just look and definitely not touch or he will make me, what Mummy calls, a nasty selfish bitch and it will be all his fault.

Lots of love, but only if you have food for me. BeAnne Duvet Soufflé Princess Chantelle Shaznay du Mezzanine kiss kiss”

(so well brought up – tears to eyes)


(PS.  I may have had gin – hic!)

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