The Bebbies Boudoir

I have been trying to encourage the bebbies to use their little shed, the one where they were first lived when they originally arrived at Thordale.


I want them to think this is their bedroom, somewhere to go when the weather is vile.  There is rubber matting and straw surface with three buckets in the corners.  There is also a wall of silage too in case they are peckish!

L1070919 L1070921 L1070922

Although their little paddock is still a soggy mess, the gate beyond is permanently open into a huge field which is totally theirs.  The grass is beginning to grow now and I don’t want to overload their systems as this can lead to other complications like laminitis.


The bebbies came out of their shed as ever to greet me and happily went back in as their feed buckets were placed in there with their breakfast.

L1070929   L1070934

Every so often one would come over to chat or look outside.


There is a certain amount of changing buckets to see if someone else has more or needs help to finish theirs.


There is no fighting or shoving – the bebbies tend to share very happily still. The only thing they argue about is attention.  You are not allowed to talk to two or three of them.  One will start to annoy another to get rid of him.  Storm is worst for this.  He may be smaller but he uses this to his advantage as he can reach places a larger Shetland pony couldn’t!


Breakfast finished and then it was time for a chat.

L1070950   L1070971

Storm is still very keen on reversing into you so you will scratch his arse!  He is very funny about this.


Funny little peoples, really who have totally made the long Shetland winter a bit more entertaining.


1 thought on “The Bebbies Boudoir

  1. Freda Freestone

    Ahh another brilliant blog telling all of us about your ‘beautiful bebbies’. They look and sound adorable and I sooo wish I could just drive over to visit and have lots of cuddles and scratches with them. Their differing personalities are now very apparent (great to see/read) and they are so happy with life in general.
    For now I’ll just have to be content with reading your great accounts and looking at the fab photos accompanying them.
    Next time we’re up in Shetland we’d love to visit all of the clan!
    Please keep your posts coming……we love ’em ! Thank-you very much.


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