Snati Swimming

On our trip to Sandness yesterday to see our non-existent foaling mare, we found Jo exercising her dogs in the field with a particularly good deep pond and stream in it, i.e. Snati’s diving board and swimming pool.

Both Snati and BeAnne are keen swimmers, though BeAnne is a bit more reserved in her enthusiasm and she is not keen on Snati’s methods.


Snati, on the other hand, will happily throw himself off the bank to attempt to catch anything, and I mean anything that is thrown into the pond.  In this case it was mostly dried horse poo.

So, as always having my camera, I set it on the fastest continuous shooting and off we went.

Jump 1 – from the lower bank with complete submergence

BN2A3681 BN2A3682BN2A3683 BN2A3684 BN2A3685 BN2A3686

Jump 3 – from the higher cliff, from top to bottom!

BN2A3699 BN2A3700BN2A3701 BN2A3702 BN2A3703 BN2A3704  BN2A3705 BN2A3706 BN2A3707 BN2A3708 BN2A3709 BN2A3710

Jump 3 – same again, he really is a loony.

BN2A3712 BN2A3713 BN2A3714 BN2A3715 BN2A3716 BN2A3717 BN2A3718 BN2A3719 BN2A3720 BN2A3721

Loads of water everywhere.


Once the pond was quiet and the other dogs were away hunting rabbits, BeAnne had her own little swim around by herself.  I love the way her tail looks like a rudder!  She takes her swimming very seriously and it is something she loves to do especially in the summer.  She reminds me of the phrase from a Joyce Grenfell song.  Thus BeAnne is “Stately as a galleon, I sail across the floor, Doing the Military Two-step, as in the days of yore.”

BN2A3764 BN2A3773 BN2A3778

Snati, however, is not.


6 thoughts on “Snati Swimming

  1. Krista

    LOVE those photos – and love the wide open mouth as Snati takes off. What Joy spring brings. BeAnne looks like a sweet little otter swimming around.

  2. bigears

    Snati clearly missed out on the brain option when he was assembled….hilarious photos – he must be exhausting to live with!

  3. Neal Robertson

    Excellent as always Frances, collies are seriously loopy and you’ve captured it perfectly, still shots are better than a video!


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