The Beautiful People

The other day I was reacquainted with an old camera that I haven’t used for ages as it clunks, whirrs and the lens gets stuck.  It is now coming up error messages which is a new problem. I even sent it away to be looked at but was told it was unrepairable so had put it aside.  Anyway, I like this camera’s black and white capabilities very much, so here we are.  I few snaps taken two days ago.

Dreki and Efstur doing their best Abba impression.


They are very good friends.

Can you tell they are half brothers? – same Mum, Brá.

I don’t really see it, personally.  Very different personalities.

Kappi was with them too.  He looks like the responsible adult of the family!

Taktur had gone to the other field to be alone – he has his Greta Garbo moments.

Efstur was very kissy (and so was Dreki) so perhaps that is their similarity which is odd because that is the one thing Brá is not.  She is not a fan of hoomans much.

Little grabby opportunists.  Guess who had carrots in her pocketses?

Even Kappi (and he never does, never ever) decided to be chatty.  He is always the aloof one in this boy band.

I think I should use this camera more before it dies forever and then, having ignored it for months because of its fatal diagnosis from the repair shop, I will miss it more than anything.

4 thoughts on “The Beautiful People

  1. Kerry

    What a bevy of beauties or an assortment of adonises (or adoni???)
    Thanks for another lovely crop of photos

  2. Linda Loba

    I love the black & white photos in between the color ones! Gives a whole different atmosphere.
    Here’s hoping your camera hangs in there for awhile longer!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    And you take such wonderful pictures with it – darn! These all are adorable; it must be hard sometimes to just walk away.


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