The 2015 Walls & District Agricultural Show

Today is Show Day!  I know this because it rained.

Three lovely girls have Andy, Charlie and Fivla on loan and they took them to the show. They entered a variety of classes with their ponies, both in-hand and ridden.

The ponies are old hands (or should that be hooves?) at this showing thing and take it all in their stride.  I think the judge was impressed with the girls’ superb turnout and wonderfully clean ponies.


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There were the usual exhibits.

L1170562-2   L1170568 L1170583

And the unusual ones as well.

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The rain managed to keep away and it was a fun day for everyone.

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Everyone always enjoys the Walls Show.  It is a highlight in our social calendar..


8 thoughts on “The 2015 Walls & District Agricultural Show

  1. Rebecca Final

    Many of what we call “fairs” here in the US are unfortunately becoming very commercialized. Too many ‘new products’ being displayed rather than the livestock, homemade items and crafts which I believe are what a fair or agricultural show should be. Happy to see you still stick to the good stuff at your fair/show. I wish I could have seen it.

  2. Linda

    How perfect the ponies are for young (little) riders! That cow looked like she would have loved a nice scratch, and that’s the cleanest sheep I’ve ever seen.
    Did any of the Vikings get to play on the bouncy things? 😉

  3. Linda K

    Great to see these ponies again, I’ve missed them. I’m sure they enjoyed themselves. And that sheep has definitely been to a beauty parlour.

  4. darby

    loving the pictures of the ponies and their adorable little people! the fair brings back memories of the agricultural fair in the town where my daughter attended college in then rural Pennsylvania USA over 20 years ago.


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