A Family First!

Firstly, apologies for crap photos – on iPhone!

We all went out for a ride this morning.

BeAnne in her Beankini, me on Haakon……


Daisy rode Klaengur and Flossie on Iacs.


It was wonderful and something that happens very rarely.  Two adult daughters are never usually here together.

Daisy and Klaengur were fine at the front.  I didn’t have to worry about them.


While Floss, Iacs and BeAnne pottered along happily at the back.  Iacs looked after Flossie beautifully.  He knows his job.


For me, it is always lovely to see Flossie on a horse – this is not her idea of a natural pastime, though she does enjoy it, once onboard, and wants to learn more, like how to be in control rather than an optimistic passenger!


When we got home, I started to give Flossie a riding lesson in the indoor school.  Daisy soon took over as she knows Iacs well and she was much better than me.  Now this is a first for everyone!


It was a superb lesson – Daisy instructed and Flossie listened, trying to do her best to achieve what was being asked of her and Iacs.


I had to go outside as this was between the two (or three) of them and my presence was not needed. I may have had something in my eye too – if you know Daisy and Flossie, you will realise what a big deal this is!


So I sat outside with my own little Fan Club.

(Lambie has turquoise tetracycline spray on his face as an old Loki bite went septic).


I am hoping that this riding lesson business might become a regular thing between Flossie and Daisy for the next few weeks.

Bring on the tissues for me, please!

4 thoughts on “A Family First!

  1. Karen

    Big smiles here. Iacs is such a gent! Love that you have your girls home.
    Poor Lambie, my Breagha (spaniel) is in the process of recouperating from her spay and rear dew claw removal on Wednesday, our pets do pull on the heartstrings don’t they? Keeping her quiet is proving a challenge.

  2. Sam

    As the eldest of four sisters (all close in age & interests), I can attest that as we grow up we really can learn to get along with each other….for 15 minutes at a time.


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