Thankful for TurmerAid

First thing in the morning, after feeding six sheep, then taking Lambie to a quiet field where he can be fed separately as he refuses to eat with everyone else and has to be speshul, letting out the ducks, feeding them and the hens (let out earlier by OH in his dressing gown complete with small puppy), …. I set out five buckets and into each goes a different combinations depending on who needs what.

And then I clamber over the hill with my five buckets, shout at everyone to stand back and to stop mugging me and dish them out accordingly.

I stand by Haakon as he is easily bullied off his bucket and he has the most to eat. He has the most supplements.

God help anyone who comes between me and Haakon’s bucket. They mostly don’t bother though I sometimes feel Iacs’ nose on my hand or back.

It is all a bit of a performance especially if it is a windy morning because then buckets can fly away, but mostly everyone is sensible.  Haakon is doing very well on his daily TurmerAid. It has been a real game-changer for him. I walked him home the other day and thought I haven’t seen him move so well in ages.  I wonder if he thought that of me because I take the human version!

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