Supper Time

Albie is fed twice a day.


Although he is very much part of the herd, he knows that twice a day (morning and late afternoon, just before it gets dark), he is fed.


No one else has this waiter-service.


Just our little Albie.


The others would like to be fed.  When I say “others”, I mostly mean Storm and Tiddles.


They only get a look-in when the bowl is empty.


Albie, though small, is a very determined little chap.


And we love him for that.  His determination is what has kept him alive.


That, and a pile of milk and hard feed, over the last six months.


We pre-mix the milk in the house and it is brought to the field in a one litre pre-washed bottle.


This bottle is a source of constant entertainment to those that think they too should be fed.


Of course, there is nothing left but some (ie Storm and Tiddles) won’t be told.  The word “no” is actually not in their vocabulary,


Meanwhile, Tiddles continues to worry me.  He is, by no means, his usual self.  I spend many hours hugging him and telling him that everything is alright now.  He is very down and I can only think that such a near-death experience has left him scars that will take a very long time to heal.


However, BeAnne continues to go from strength to strength.  I have halted her riding career, though she can go out in a basket saddle if she insists, but no more horse-riding for Her Maj.  She continues to follow me everywhere, come Hell or high water.


As I walked back home, I turned and saw a beautiful rainbow.


So there you are – proof.  There is a pot of gold for the ponies of Thordale!

8 thoughts on “Supper Time

  1. Sheryl

    I’m sure you know best Frances, just a thought, could Tiddles have a bowl of speshal milk like Albie, for a week or two to buck him up a little?
    Holding my breath for him here in Australia.

  2. Terri

    Albie is such a sweetheart! I forget how small he is (standing next to Daisy, for comparison). He deserves special care, having lost his real mum. I think Tiddles may suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, not surprisingly, considering he almost drowned. (That was a close call, if ever there was one!) He’ll be ok over time, because you take such good care of each and every one of your beloved herd (and other creatures too). So cute to see Tids JUMPING in a recent post! :))

  3. Nancy

    Glad to hear BeAnne is doing well! Kudos to Her Majesty! 😉

    I hope Tiddles gets better soon, mentally. Sending virtual hugs and kisses!

  4. Sam

    So happy to see her Majesty out and about. But Tiddles needs some serious Muzzah time! Given all he went thru before coming to you, he needs your deep love. Rooting for you, Tiddles!

  5. Linda

    Such good news (and photos) of BeAnn; she’s a fighter!

    As mentioned above, it does sound like poor Tiddles has some PTSD after his near-drowning (I know I’d have PTSD after almost drowning!). Love and comfort – always coming from you and yours – will go a long way to bringing him back…

    And I can’t get enough of Albie…another little trooper.

  6. John Davies

    I really enjoy the pictures as much as the stories that stick them together; but the rainbow across the fields was wonderful. Thanks!

  7. arte white

    He has had a mental ordeal as well.
    Perhaps he was traumatized by the herd going away and him being all alone in a dire place.
    Or the inability of his hooves to get him away from the struggle.
    These things trouble an equine.
    Hopefully the shadows pass.


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