Such a Star

The vet visited this afternoon to microchip Efstur.

We have not done anything with him.  He has worn a headcollar twice – it was rather a fight each time to get it on.

So I was a tad nervous today.

I tied up Brá and approached Efstur with his headcollar, waiting for the usual fight. Efstur stood nicely while I put on his headcollar!


A carrot slice was given for good manners and I was amazed.

The vet did all he wanted to do – microchip – more carrot slices given, headcollar off.

And then he remembered he wanted to record his whirls, swirls and markings so back on with the headcollar.  Again, no fight = more carrot.


Done.  So off came the headcollar when the DNA sample was mentioned.  I knew my luck was not going to hold but I went in with the headcollar and, again, on it went.

This resulted in endless carrots!

I am so proud of Efstur.  He was a good boy.


Brá is doing a very good job with her baby boy (and yes she is pregnant and not fat!)


(btw, his nose has a perfect golden hue)


After Efstur, it was Tiddles’ turn.  I had taken on board all your comments and thought, as the vet was here, it would be good if he could give Tids a check-up.


All was deemed fine and that was good to know.  So we will now concentrate on Operation Make Tiddles Smile Again.


We’ve done it before, when he arrived as a very depressed little foal, and we can do it again.  Toys.  I will get the toys out.  Tiddles loves toys.


Hjalti was a good boy as well. He led beautifully through the fields without pulling.


I love it when everyone is nice.  Makes it all worthwhile.


3 thoughts on “Such a Star

  1. Linda

    How nice to have such a peaceful visit from the vet! (When we take our dog in – just for a toenail trim – she cries as thought her toes are being cut off…)

    And I’m confident you’ll bring Tiddles back to his old self, smile and all; especially with all that love…and toys!

  2. Nancy

    So beautiful! And nice not to have any problems! What a great day!
    I love Efstur’s little curls! What a cutie!
    Oh, let’s see Tiddles with the toys! I hope he cheers up soon!

  3. Sam

    That last picture of Tiddles needs to be a mug or card! I know you can make Tiddles smile again – you have the skill set and bucket of toys. Nice to know Estfur can be bribed with carrots to be a good lad.


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