Such a Moose!

Today everyone was wormed with a nuclear attack wormer and then, when we came back from the Minions, I found everyone lying down, except for Lilja.  So I had a quick worried panic.  Obviously they all had colic and were now going to die because I had wormed them.

As I walked towards them, they started to stand up. Phew!

First up were Sóley and Lilja.

They were so good about having wormer. It is never pleasant but they all behaved beautifully.

The old men were enjoying their morning sitting down like a matching pair of Victorian cream jugs.


Once Haakon was up, I went and had a chat. It was then I knew he suffered no ill effects from the wormer as he thoroughly frisked me for carrots.

Iacs didn’t feel like moving.

He just smiled sweetly at me. So I took his photo and sent it to Daisy who she texted back “Such a moose!”

And a smiley one.  He was fine and got up moments later.

And again, I was frisked.  So that’s everyone wormed and I shall stop worrying.

5 thoughts on “Such a Moose!

  1. Sam

    Nuclear Worming Meds do required DOUBLE the normal carrot bribes. Says so in Shetland Manual of Bribery, pg 28, sub section 456-c(for carrots).

  2. Marlane

    At least they will let you worm them. I have had to resort to mixing it into some apple sauce and grain, after tasting it my self of course to make sure it was sweet enough. Do you use ivermectin or pyrantal or both ?


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