Cupboard Love

Cupboard Love – [British] the insincere affection shown by children or animals towards someone who they think will give them something that they want. – Collins Dictionary.

When I arrived at the Minion’s field, I found little ears sticking up over the drystone wall.

I knew what they wanted.

They made it very obvious.

Something to do with the contents of my pocketses.

And so I duly distributed kissing smiley noses as I went (I adore Waffle’s cheesey grin!)

It was the same when I got home too.  This time I was collecting the haynets and filling them.  I was shouted at by Sóley while I was in the stable. I told her to wait until after lunch – when we put out their second haynet.

Meanwhile, indoors, these two have not stopped all morning.  I look on benignly saying things like “they will sleep well tonight”!

Please come back if the film hasn’t loaded – we just have very slow broadband (sorry).


4 thoughts on “Cupboard Love

  1. Sam

    My mom called this the “Gimmes, i wants” – needless to say she ignored the 4 of us when we did this.
    But then we did not have silly frills or ears poking up behind a stone wall…


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