Storm Warning

Red sky in the morning, shepherd damn well hopping up and down saying bad things are to come and how right that shepherd is.  This is this morning’s sunrise.  It couldn’t be more obvious, short of writing “Storm Warning” in neon letters six foot high.

So it has been a bit of a fraught worrisome day because of the weather ahead and for those that have to get back to their day job after the Christmas festivities.  In the end we opted for the 12 hour ferry from Lerwick to Aberdeen (guaranteed to go tonight rather than the 1 hour plane flight that is not guaranteed to fly tomorrow) – and then add to the mix various airline connections.  My theory is that once on the mainland, there are more options.

All the horses and ponies have been checked and those that live here are in fields that can easily reach the stable tomorrow.  After that, we shall reassess and probably keep everyone in and just throw endless hay at them for 24 hours.

Meanwhile, to lighten the moment, I put a hat on the cat (Monster’s wonderful Christmas present).  His expression says it all.

BeAnne has gone into a decline as we had a brief power-cut this evening.  She hates them and the cat-flap(s) have to be blocked as she likes to leave home, hide and sit and howl to herself about her misery.

I may have hit the gin!

4 thoughts on “Storm Warning

  1. Margaret Robinson

    And after doing everything necessary, you deserve large quantities of that Gin! Everyone stay well and in place – this too shall pass.

  2. diane in northern wis

    oh so sorry to hear about your bad weather coming. You did make me laugh when I saw the look on Monster’s face with his gift! Hope all will be well!

  3. Sam

    How many fingers did one lose to Monster and his hated hat? Love the picture! Sorry BeAnne is after a BAFTA during the power loss. Safe travels!


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