Storm Conor

So today it was Storm Conor’s turn to give it some welly.

The top gust was 97 mph in Unst (two islands up).  Outside was vile and downright dangerous.

In the morning, during a lull, I managed to get outside, hanging onto the side of the house for support and uprightedness. I got as far as Lambie’s 2nd best bedroom, where I met three “starving” sheeps.  They followed me into the stable where I gave them Lambie’s most favourite food ever – Mare & Youngstock – put out some hay and water, shut the door and left them to it.

Meanwhile, all the horses were outside.  When I went to get the sheep’s hay, the noise in the indoor school was horrendous. The deafening sound of the wind constantly battering was terrifying and exhausting.  We felt that the horses and ponies would definitely be safer outside making their own decisions.

I took this brief film at the height of the storm and, if you look carefully, you will see that barely a mane or tail is moving.  They had strategically placed themselves in the lee of the hill.

Also, note, that the tiny spec of blue rug is Albie.  Newt is using someone bigger to hide behind or under.  They are sensible like that.

This afternoon, once the wind abated a bit, we called the big herd up and opened the stable door.  I spread out a bale of hay, gave some more to the sheep in another shed, made up some haynets for those that remained outside and quickly checked everyone.

Everyone is fine.  Shetland ponies and Icelandic horses are sensible.  They found shelter and waited until the storm stopped.

Thank you for your prayers, vibes and kind thoughts during this ordeal.  Hugely appreciated. Last night I was scared for my family.


6 thoughts on “Storm Conor

  1. Peter plumridge

    Yes I think some people do not realise how scary a storm in Shetland can be. Well unless you are a sheep or a pony. Glad you all survived and that the snow did not happen

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I hate the wind with a passion! I can imagine just how scary it must have been for you and I hope the storm dies out and doesn’t return. It’s been windy here today and colder than yesterday. I hope the wind drops before the temperature gets any lower or it’s going to feel perishingly cold. Your ponies all look settled despite the weather. I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

  3. Linda

    Hope this finds you inside and safe, since “everyone” outside and in their best bedrooms are doing ok. (What tough guys those ponies are!)

    Will definitely keep you in my prayers – stay safe!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Very glad that you are all OK. Must have been terrifying for you and your family (and I expect living on Shetland you are used to some wild weather, so it must have been very bad). Let’s hope you have seen the end of the storms. Kind regards.


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