Christmas Madness!

This year, one member of the family has completely lost it!

Wu spends most of his days either asleep or lurking under the tree.

The tomte or nisse who live in our tree (nisse (usually Norwegian) and tomte (usually Swedish) are  solitary, mischievous domestic sprites responsible for the protection and welfare of the farmstead and its buildings) are all now doomed.

Wu goes into the tree

and then carefully chooses his victims.

One by one he is picking them off.  Once back on the floor, they are duly eaten.  It isn’t pretty.

Wu is in a playful, if murderous, mood this Christmas.

Anywho, the traditional Christmas yule log has been constructed, thatched and mostly demolished by everyone human.

But this has to be my best Christmas present ever (apart from the thermal wellies, the tofu press and Walt Disney flute playalong music)…..

A beautiful handmade decoration that lives in Pride of Place and will never be put away under the stairs. It will stay where I can see it always – by my desk, where I write this blog.

Whoever you are, thank you.  Perfection in a basket saddle (BeAnne and Fivla).

(we had a bit of a muddle with the envelope/tag/package matching department this year so I am not 100% sure who the sender is.)

I am so thankful BeAnne is still with us. I took this photo this morning after I had unwrapped my Christmas stocking. It fills me with such happiness.

5 thoughts on “Christmas Madness!

  1. Linda

    Well, I guess everyone has their own way of celebrating Christmas; Wu probably sees the tree decorations as his Christmas gifts.

    Well-Done for that beautiful ornament of Fivla and BeAnn (and yes, can we call it a Christmas Miracle that BeAnn is still around?)

    Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

    P.S. Keep us posted on that Disney flute music…

  2. Ruth

    This made me laugh so much. Our Christmas tree is hung from the ceiling because our cat Jingles does an excellent job of destroying it every year. Now all she can do is sit and look up at it dreaming of what might have been.


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