Not out of the woods yet

I went back today to help with the mare with hyperlipemia.

Last night she aborted her foal which, though it sounds awful and sad, is the best thing that could’ve happened.  It means she has a chance.  Not a huge chance, but a better chance.

I was greeted by Ken Lee, the croft cat.


This morning, the mare was in her pen looking more alert and aware of her surroundings.


We made the decision to let her out with a friend to see if she would begin to eat.


She was very wobbly on her legs, almost falling over, but we could see she was happy to be outside.  I am a great believer in fresh air, company as well as sleep contributing towards healing.


The mare had a bit of a roll and then a sleep – I think she is exhausted.


The vet came and we discussed whether to re-site the intravenous drip or to continue with the bottles.  He passed a naso-gastric tube and got a good bucket of water, electrolytes and dextrose down her, tested her blood glucose, took her temperature (slightly raised) and gave her some antibiotics.


The mare then had porridge made of fine oatmeal and apple juice plus brown sugar as well as water, every hour.  She passed urine (grapefruit juice colour) twice as well as a stool.  This encourages me.  The important bits, like kidneys and gut, are still working.

This is what a blood sample from an equine with hyperlipemia looks like.   The yellow bit is lipids (fat) in the blood.  Not good. Ugh.


And so we struggle to keep this mare alive.  She puts up with us pushing bottles down her every half an hour during the day.  She has to live.  I want her to live and she is not giving up yet and neither are we.


The only encouraging aspect so far was when I tried to catch her for the vet, she trotted off.  That cheered me up greatly.  Still, we have a very long way to go.




8 thoughts on “Not out of the woods yet

  1. Rebecca Final

    fingers crossed for this little mare. That blood sample is shocking. It does look like she is getting the very best care however.

  2. Bettyann Seablade

    In 1999 my husband did 24 hour care for our mini mare with the same condition. With a wonderful vet we were able to save her. We would pick grass for her to nibble. We gave b vitamnins gel and anything we could think of. She was cross tied in a small stall. She made it.

  3. Bigears

    it’s a horrible thing, when Vodka had it she was on a drip and being fed through a tube, she was poorly for over a week and then turned the corner and began to improve

  4. Sam

    Nature, sometimes, is brutal. But with your entire neighborhood’s love and care – there is hope for this little lady. Sending good vibes from Connecticut.

  5. Mandy

    Frances, she will live. We have decreed it.
    You all deserve medals. Keep going, it will be worth it.

    Many hugs and good vibes from the north west of England.


  6. Linda

    Reading about others having pulled through, there is definitely hope for this little girl (plus her will to live).
    And she couldn’t ask for better care.
    Hopes and prayers sent…


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