‘Ster’s Baby Photos

I have been trying to create more space on my slaptop because, funnily enough, it is full of photos and becoming increasingly slower and slower.

Last night, I came across ‘Ster’s baby photos.

Day 1 – just arrived.




He was tiny.


And so, so cute.


After a few days, we let him out into the big field.  He thought Lambie was rather special.


Can’t you can just tell that this is the beginning of a great friendship.


Sadly, this wasn’t.


I desperately wanted my little sheepie family to get on and to all be happy together.


Little ‘Ster worked on his “Winning Smile” …..


His Monarch-of-the-Glen pose.


But, mostly, just being a lovely little chap.


Sadly, Lambert (‘Bert) decided to leave us to go and live in the scattald (open hill).  He didn’t like ‘Ster.


Lambie and ‘Ster decided they would stay with us.


I miss ‘Bert.  I thought I didn’t, but I do.  I see him occasionally but more recently, he has been hanging round the gate.  Yesterday I saw him and ‘Ster talking to each other in a friendly way. He looked straight at me too.  I thought he was rather thin and not very happy.

Today, ‘Bert was around again, so I called him (the way I always used to) and he looked up.

The hill is beingy caa’ed (sheep rounded up into one place) again soon so I have asked if I can be told so that I can take ‘Bert back home and see if he wants to be One of Us again.

At best, he will come home and that will be wonderful.  At worst, I can feed him up and let him go again.  It would be so lovely he decided to stay.

(I am feeling very emotional at the moment – I cry at the slightest thought.)


8 thoughts on “‘Ster’s Baby Photos

  1. Judith Garbutt

    It must be very hard deciding whether any of the photographs are redundant! These were lovely. I hope Bert decides to stay! Hope you’re soon feeling better. xx

  2. Terri

    Well, now you’ve got me in tears too! ‘Ster is such a darling, and I really, really hope ‘Bert returns to the fold, where he belongs. Sorry you’re still not feeling well. Take care. xo

  3. Sam

    Thanks for the walk down Ster Lane with his baby pictures. I hope Bert changes his mind and stays home this winter. And glad to see you up and about. Please take it slow!


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