Sterling Silver

Here’s to Silver.  A dear chap.

One my original Minions (‘scuse Lilja’s ears behind – most odd).

Never one to push himself to the front. Silver is just not that kind of me-me-me chap – unlike others.

But when does come up for a chat, it is because he genuinely wants it.

Silver was much darker when he first arrived but, according to his breeder, he will grey-out like his Sire, Zeal of Houlland, who was totally white (grey technically).  What a handsome boy.

Silver has a bit to go then but turns a little bit whiter every year.

Silver is the quiet one, prone to thinking …

…and can be elusive if the mood takes him.

But then suddenly he is one of the most affectionate.  It is all on his terms and we understand this.

Silver is a special boy.  One of the Minions who was not, at the beginning, meant to stay with me as he had a home to go to, but in the end he did and I am glad of this.

Sometimes things are just meant to be and that’s how I feel about Silver. He was definitely meant to be with us.

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