Stallions are out

I helped my neighbour, trainer and friend, Bjørn from Bergli Stud, put one of his stallions out with their mares.

Today, it was Wulfert v.d. Groote Woerd’s turn.  Wulfert is Waffle’s sire.  You can see the obvious family resemblance – they are both black!

Wulfert was put out with three black standard mares, who all behaved beautifully. We found this out when we found we had run out of headcollars and ropes!  Thank the Gods for well-trained and handled Shetland ponies.  They walked into the field on chin hairs.

We were on the island of Burra – one of the Scalloway Islands (according to Wikipedia).

A beautiful part of Shetland.

Next up, we took Wulfert’s winter field-mates, Merkisayre Tactic and Alex v.d. Voshoek to a new field where they could play together.

Alex is a beautiful mushroom miniature dude with amazing hair.

I have a very soft spot for Alex. He makes me smile.

Tactic is an amazing mover – jaw-droppingly wow (my photos don’t show his incredible trot).

So, the stallions were dropped off, and then home to the first of the 2017 foals at Bergli Stud.

Mum is beautiful.

And her baby (a colt) is divine – *** swoon ***.

I love this time of year.  Little bebbies everywhere.

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