Stallions are neat and tidy

If you have to have a horse and you have to keep it in a stable, get a stallion – that’s my only equine advice.

And I will tell you why – stallions poo in one spot and that makes mucking out much easier.

Mind, it will be one big giant poo mountain but it is at least in one place and not scattered to the four walls which is what geldings like to do.  Messy boys.

Walking into the stable this afternoon, I instantly knew that Taktur has spent his morning making a poo pile.

(That is Daisy’s competition horse, Kappi, in the photo eating his bucket of fresh air, just so you don’t get mixed up)

For eating purposes, we had parked Efstur and Taktur in the gelding’s stall and you can see the chaos.  Mucky boys, geldings.

And here is Dreki Dragon all goodly eating and then he will all goodly lead nicely to the field because he is like his father, Taktur, and is a gentleman in the making.

Really, upon reflection, Taktur is possibly Piers Brosnan in horse form.

5 thoughts on “Stallions are neat and tidy

    1. Frances Post author

      Oooh, I think he is not sensible enough for Colin Firth or Hugh Jackman – he is more like Tom Holland.

  1. Margaret Robinson

    I agree – Smokey Robinson whilst an exceptional and wonderful horse, is a gelding and not terribly neat and tidy (about anything). Stallions must be that way for a reason and I’ll assume because it has to do with territory (however small).

    P. Brosnon is a high standard, but I think you’re right about Taktur. Goodness me, I’ll have to think about this further. Since we under “Shelter in Place” in Monterey County (most of California is that way, or headed that way), I shall have lots of thinking time. Oddly enough, we can go out to the Ranch to see our horses, just not all gathering together (us, not the horses). They are oblivious to what is going on in the human world (and thank goodness). Take care –


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