So you know

So you know…..

These three will stay together and remain at Thordale.

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I hadn’t ever reckoned on keeping them.  That was not the plan.  The bebbies were only meant to come here as a stop-gap (I was the one with the shed and the time) as they were too weak to go to the originally arranged hill park.  Their condition score from the vet of 0 meant they needed to put on weight before we considered the next plan.  They were offered to their original breeders or to find new homes, but somehow the bebbies wormed their way into my stone-cold heart and there they will stay.


I have now reached the point where I can’t imagine splitting them up as they are a very tight-knit little group of friends.


So, there we are.  We are not blessed with foals this year what with Velvereta and her foal’s unexpected death and Verona not being pregnant.  Maybe the bebbies were meant to be here instead to keep me busy and give me a purpose while my health is a bit crap.  Little someones to make me smile.


22 thoughts on “So you know

  1. Kelly S

    I am so happy to hear you are keeping all three! I didn’t know how you would be able to send Silver off. But I think you are right, they have been a blessing in disguise. The Three Amigos shall ride again!

  2. Joanie

    Our group here in Los Angeles are so incredibly happy that they are staying with you, Frances. Now I can read your posts with real joy – without the lingering sadness that one of them would be leaving.
    You have taken such wonderful care of them and they are so much happier now.
    Wishing you good health as well!

  3. Krista

    I am so happy they are staying together – with you! They have brought so much hope and joy and smiles to all of us!

    1. Ruth

      Soooo pleased they are staying with you, they couldn’t have a better home.
      Hope you are feeling better soon too

  4. Trish

    Thanks Frances, they belong together – I’m sure they will lead very happy lives with you.

    I love hearing about them and having a giggle at their latest exploits. Today’s photos are hilarious.


  5. Cate

    So happy to hear this—they are three wee amigos for sure and it was looking more and more like a huge wrench for them all. to have to break them up by sending Silver to new home—not to mention a huge wrench for you—and for all of us too! 😀 Thank you so much, Frances!

  6. Jenn

    Huzzah! Another fan from across the pond who looks forward to more tales (& tails) involving the bebbies’ antics. It’s so heartwarming to see their rescue journey turning out so well. Bless you for helping them in their hour of need, & I hope their giggles & goofiness continue to bring you joy!

  7. Diana

    Sitting at computer t’other side of globe grinning from ear to ear. Absolutely delighted.. the three brave little muskateers will stay together…so happy for them and Thordale residents xx

  8. Melissa

    In these crazy times, Smile-Makers are worth their weight in gold and they work their magic across vast distances. Knowing you are keeping them together brought a big smile my way.

  9. Terri

    A collective sigh of relief! I am soooo happy the bebbies will remain together! I’ve been worrying about how dear Silver would fare, once separated from his best buds. Frances, your “little someones” make us smile too! Best wishes for your health, and xos from way over yonder in the Pacific NW.

  10. Sam

    You needed Bebbies, you got Bebbies. Okay, maybe not the way one originally planned, but here you are.
    Making many of us worldwide very happy. And I do hope you are feeling better. Congrats from New England, USA on your 3 new family members.

  11. Rhonda Lane

    Always in the back of my mind, every time I looked at the blog, was “Silver will leave” – until now. I echo everyone else’s relief. Sometimes, gifts come in disguise.


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