New Favourite Food

Every other day we try to do “training” and I mean that in the loosest of terms.  The bebbies are led into the school (well, one is caught and led, while the others follow).  Then they all have headcollars put on and are tied to string around the school.


One at a time, they are brushed, have their feet picked up and taken for a walk around the school.  I give them a “toy” to play with as they get bored very easily and start eating the ropes or each other’s headcollars.


We have now reached the stage where the bebbies are individually led on both reins around the outside track of the school and weave down the centre line, preferably without the use of teeth or attitude.  Rewards for all good behaviour is a small piece of carrot.  The bebbies are very keen on this part of the training.  We reward the good and ignore the bad (behaviour).


But as we all know, carrots come in larger sizes and I wondered what the bebbies would think if I threw whole ones into their field.

To start with they were very suspicious and distrustful.  It was sweet to watch as they worked out just what these things were.


Then they became braver, urging each other on.


They reminded me of the Marx Brothers.

BN2A5043 BN2A5045   BN2A5074 BN2A5077

I have noticed that my OH is now buying large bags of carrots.  For someone who does not share my love of all things equine, when I said the bebbies were staying, he said “I never thought that they wouldn’t”.  I have even seen him secretly talk to them.  This speaks volumes.


I expect we won’t be running out of carrots, ever.

4 thoughts on “New Favourite Food

  1. Laura Friedlander

    This sounds rather like my OH the night I brought a tiny rescue puppy home. he said “Well, you can look after him until we find a home for him” That was three years ago and guess which one of us is the biggest softy around the dog now? Need I say more?


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