So What Next?

Firstly, a huge thank you for all your messages of concern and kind wishes.  They are hugely appreciated and I am sure Indy et al felt the wave of love and affection as they sailed south.

I received a lovely email from their new owner and I thought I would share it – “All arrived safely and they’re wonderful. They’re exactly as I had hoped and I love them already. Indy is absolutely magnificent …… Hammie’s a wee star and the girls are fabulous.”

So, what next?  Well life doesn’t stand still at Thordale.  We still have 16 horses and ponies loafing around.

Fivla and Anderwoo are on loan with a family and are happily teaching their little girls how to ride.

BN2A0144 copy

Charlie has a new job.  He is a Handsome Prince now.


Esja has fallen in love with him and they spend hours playing together. She follows him everywhere.


Esja is 3 years old but will not be started this year. I don’t think her head is in the right place.  She is still a a very friendly large baby.


Hetja is hopefully pregnant or fat!  I am hoping for pregnant.  She is not ridden now – I think she would be uncomfortable and it would not do her any favours.

BN2A0776 BN2A0779

Hetja and Fákur are a couple.  He is enjoying semi-retirement and escort duty.


Raw Deal (Delia), Lyra and Vitamin are together in a huge field.  Delia is ok (ish) but we will see….. (sucks teeth).   Zoot is staying there too.

The Minions are happy with my herd of Icelandics – Haakon, Iacs, Taktur & Klængur (plus Bjørn’s horse, Kappi).

Next year, God-willing, we will have  a new foal.   So something different for us.  A new path to tread (though I am still rather numb after yesterday).

8 thoughts on “So What Next?

  1. Karen

    Hugs, hugs and so glad the new owner thought to let you know. Everything crossed here for an Icelandic foal in due course…something to put the smiles back in place. Xxx

  2. Linda

    Looks like Charlie is not taking his role of “Handsome Prince” too seriously…
    Glad to hear the Minions are going along smoothly with the changes!
    Whomever (whoever?) is in the first photo just needs a horn and would be a beautiful Unicorn – just saying…

  3. NDchick1

    I was so sad for you yesterday. I know you are probably mad at your back for that being a reason to sell the herd. I will miss seeing their happy faces and chrysanthemum bums this winter. You have to make the best decision for everyone, 2 and 4 legged, alike. My heart when out for you when you loaded up Indy et al to ship. Be happy, little Shetland ponies! May the odds be ever in your favor!

  4. Terri

    Thank you for letting us know that they arrived safely in their new home. I’ve been holding the good thought for them. I hope your broken heart heals soon, but you did the right thing under the circumstances. And you still have some wonderful/ beautiful ponies and horses (not to mention your own lovely human family)! In addition to photography, perhaps it’s time to consider a career as an author? A book of short stories about your life in Shetland would be a wonderful read! (with your own special humor and wit) BeAnne and Wussums would certainly deserve their own chapters, not to mention the equines! In any case, do what you love, and xoxos from far across the pond….

  5. roberta earley

    My thoughts to, that they arrive safe and sound, we lost a wee man(4 yr old Clydesdale) to travel issues on the way to his new home last month, we still cannot even think about it.
    Yes a wee book would be good, you have a way with words and image.
    Just remember you did it for their good, we all know you would not have let them go to anyone.
    Regards from down under

  6. John Davies

    This is sad but certainly a fact of life. I can remember when my grandfather gave up flying and the teaching of flying due to health reasons; it leaves a hole in your life! I myself have given up camping out (which I dearly love); at least the actual laying on the ground part because the ground sucked too much body heat and aggravated back and joint pain. I’m sure you’ll be keeping yourself busy with other pursuits!


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