Minions meet girls!

Jo and Fiona came over with the trailer full of Esja, my 3 year old filly, and Hreyfing (Fiona’s Icelandic mare).  It was not the weather for riding outside.

Although we are not going to back Esja yet, Jo wanted to do some work with her.  First she trimmed Esja’s feet and then she gave her mane and tail a good brush.  It all needed doing.  Hair and nails.  So important.

Afterwards, Jo did some work with Esja on the lunge, teaching her the basics, like standing still when asked and generally start learning body language.

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I love Esja’s face saying “did I do ok?”  Yes, you did.


I let The Minions, who were hanging around outside, in to meet and greet.  They have never met ladies since leaving their mothers.


They were intrigued but everyone behaved with respect and good manners.  My boys have been brung up propa!


Next, Fiona practiced leading three minions together.  They need to practice this for a job we have tomorrow (more about that once it has occurred).


The Minions did their best not to get Fiona in a tangle.


I would even go so far as to use the word co-operative.


The Minions were co-operative.  There, I’ve said it.


Tomorrow, they may be less.  Is that plotting I am seeing? It had better not be.


5 thoughts on “Minions meet girls!

  1. Linda

    I just love seeing the Minions around other, larger horses; reminds me what little guys they are (and SO CUTE). Looking forward to hearing all about their job tomorrow!

  2. John Davies

    I especially enjoyed the fourth picture from the top of this page; reminds me of a huddle in a children’s football game with many dissimilar sized kids!

  3. Mairead

    I am sure the minions will rise to the occasion! As you have said – the have been ‘brung up propa’ and know when to behave… But I’ll still keep my fingers crossed for you!


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