So Purty!

I am so bored of the will-they-won’t they sex saga.  Today, they didn’t.  Hetja squirted, teased and then gave Taktur both barrels – hmmmm…..

Taktur was a much nicer gentleman (we had had words about the previous ‘haviour) and he stood back while she tarted around him unmercifully.  Maybe tomorrow.

So this is Plan B – tomorrow morning – I take Klængur over to live with Hetja.  I remove Fákur and put him with Esja and Hreyfing.  Hetja loves Klængur, and I mean really loves and he is very happy to oblige despite being a gelding.

Then in the afternoon, we will take Taktur over and see if Hetja is perhaps a bit more, err, up for it.

Anywho, I am bored of all this sex talk so here are some photos of the most beautiful Shetland ponies.  I spent an afternoon with them last week and had great fun taking photos and chatting to them.  They live at Bergli Stud.

If I didn’t have a black Shetland pony stud, I would definitely have fairytale looking ones.

They are just so purty!

BN2A5377 BN2A5380 BN2A5407 BN2A5421 BN2A5422 BN2A5431 BN2A5450 BN2A5452 BN2A5453 BN2A5475-2

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