Snow? No!

I had my lunch with a Dalek.


It was delicious!


I put my kit on to go for my walk, went through the front door, turned around to see this black cloud looming at my washing on the line.


So, quick change of plan and I shot back in to take all my washing down.  Back out again on the second attempt, with a few more layers on, only to see the ponies covered in a light sprinkling of snow.  Better ponies than washing were my thoughts.

IMG_7937 IMG_7940 IMG_7933 IMG_7931

I was just wondering whether I could’ve been warmer when the looming clouds just vanished and turned into blue sky again.  Most odd.


My little fluff-balls instantly melted and looked like they were covered in diamonds (but sadly, they weren’t).


And so off we went, Haakon, BeAnne and I on the usual walk.


We admired the scenery and I went a bit artistic!

IMG_7962 IMG_7970 IMG_7980

The sky did a bit more looming so Haakon, BeAnne and I made a quick bolt for home.


Haakon has a new trick now.  If BeAnne is drifting along aimlessly in front of him, he boots her up her bum with his nose.  She was severely dischuffed with this – he did it to her twice  – and I fear revenge will be a dish best served cold, knowing her.  Like Jack, she doesn’t forgive or forget.  Must be a Patterdale terrier thing.


Anywho, hospital for me next.  I will tell all when I know all but I doubt there will be a blog tomorrow.  Think of me.  Please. xx


3 thoughts on “Snow? No!

  1. Martine

    Sorry, serious snort of laughter when I read about Haakon hurrying BeAnne along!

    Hope you get on ok in hospital tomorrow. And I WILL be thinking of you.


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