No foals, Damn.

While we were moving Velvereta to the stable the other week, we brought Melinda with us as she was looking very thin too.  The vet checked her and said she was still producing milk.  As Zoot was in the field with her, all fingers pointed at the little madam helping herself from the bar.  So much for weaning themselves.

So we removed Melinda and put her in another field to put on some weight.  The vet, at the time, checked her over and said he could find no reason for this weight loss.  We will continue to monitor her progress.


Meanwhile, because Velvereta tragically died, this left Melinda on her own.  None of our ponies/horses ever live on their own.  So we went and fetched Verona as she was the other mare due to foal.

She looked fine, but not in foal.  She is keeping Melinda company and we have noticed that she bullies her off her hard food, so perhaps that is another reason for Melinda’s meagre frame.


Today, I thought I would go and look at Verona to make my mind up once and for all about whether she is in foal and I think I have come to the conclusion that it is a definite no.  I looked at her from all angles and I am pretty sure she is not hiding a foal anywhere.

BN2A3629 BN2A3635BN2A3638

So that will be no foals for us, which is not such a bad thing as the Gods seemed to have given us The Bebbies to look after.


This year, Indy will not run with our mares but go off for a holiday to another stud.   Anyway, Taktur is going to be busy this year.

If I am having a foal withdrawal, there are plenty of Shetland pony bebbies nearby that I can snog and scratch.

2 thoughts on “No foals, Damn.

  1. Sam

    Them Bebbies are NOT in the mood to share you just yet, Francis. They want and need all of your attention. So, sorry about no foals, but Zoot and these 3 should keep you busy enough.


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