So, at home, there have been some divisions.

Iacs and Haakon were found to be terrible bullies over food.  Not good and not to be tolerated.

Yes, bullies. You heard me, Iacs.

I don’t want my foals and yearlings to live with bullies and this kind of attitude so they were swiftly removed from the situation.  Now Hjalti and Efstur live with Klængur, who is much nicer about everything.

Efstur and Hjalti have hard feed (for growing purposes only).  Klængur is tied up and he can’t get their food.

He is very understanding and, as a reward, gets their equivalent ration of silage too.  Flossie has promised to keep the weight off by exercising him frequently.

On the other side of the fence is the Shetland herd.

They do a very good job of keeping the fences clean.

There will be a reorganisation shortly due to fatness!

Newt has found his friends and his home – beside the septic tank.

Just the right height if you are 25 inches high.

Delia is always happy to keep an eye on Newt (he is often with her) and his character is slowly emerging – one of silent determination.

if you stand in his field, he will walk up to your knees and just gently press his head against you until you acknolwedlge his presence, ie nose kisseys and a hug.  He really is a darling little chap.

Although, very small, Newt is special and, I feel, will come into his own this Spring.

Tor is doing her bit – always tidying up after the little ones.  That is her job.

And, over in the distance, Tiddles has worked out there are many “private” piles of silage with his name on and, if he says nothing to no one, they will remain his own property!  Sensible chap.

So, that is how it is at the moment here at Thordale.

All is calm.  All is bright. No complaining apart from Haakon and Iacs who are now feeling picked upon!

10 thoughts on “Divisions

  1. Sam

    Ah, Tiddles, ever the enterprising man! Glad to know Newt and Delia are buddies – has Newt’s hair loss stopped? The big bullies deserve to be put in Time Out. Do Fatties need to drop lots a weight before the end of winter?

    1. Frances Post author

      Nope, hair falling out in large clumps now. Worrying. Hence smart little jacket.

      Fatties need to lose muchos weight please!

  2. Jan

    Happy New Year Frances and all at Thordale.As usual fabulous photos. I had a Minion encounter myself here in Coventry…two darlings raising money for a disabled children’s charity. Now I know the magic you have every day.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Newt is adorable. It’s only when I see him next to the others that I appreciate how tiny he is. Do you ever muzzle the fatties, Frances? I have a couple of muzzles that are too small for my little Alfie – his head seems to have grown faster than his body! Happy to post them up to you if you could use them.

    1. Frances Post author

      Not a huge fan of muzzling tbh. They can get caught on fences and “others” will interfere because that is what they do. Nothing is safe.

      The fatties will go away soon to another field so attempt again at being thin!

  4. Linda

    Oh, sweet little Newt! I wonder if he likes being near the septic tank because it’s something that’s close to his height? 😉 I love the silent determination of him…

  5. Carol E

    Newt is so adorable. I hope Storm really appreciates him: it takes a wee little horse to make Storm look (comparatively) tall!

    Happy New Year to you all — may you have good health and good weather for all of 2017!

  6. Louise Stopford

    Lovely photo’s, as usual. Newt is so sweet, bless him. Glad you’ve sorted the bullies out. I suppose with everyone having their own individual personalities there is bound to be a clash sometimes. Happy New Year to you all. Kind regards.


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