Sitting Outside

You can keep your Aspen, Gstaad, Kitzbühel, St Moritz….

Why would you need that when you could have this?

Ok, the skiing might be nice if you like sliding down a slope but for me, nothing beat sitting outside in the snow, with a cup of coffee and the sheep (oh yes, and my daughters) having done all the morning chores.  The sun was shining and there was nothing more to do until later.  We gave ourselves a well-earned break.

Of course there was the ever-present Monster who was busy explaining to Daisy what he had done to my car!

It was glorious.  Everyone was around.

Madge was even brave and forced herself to make a huge effort.

Lambie couldn’t be arsed.

BeAnne ran up and down the track trying to entice us back into the house to feed her ham (which has her lunchtime drugs hidden – she doesn’t know).

After lunch, we were back outside with our duties.  While I took Her Maj out for a potter up the hill, Daisy and Floss gave out the last-of-the-day haynets.

Everyone knows the drill now and waits with happy expectation.

This snow-break is not such a hardship if the weather is beautiful too.








7 thoughts on “Sitting Outside

  1. Sam

    When Monster whisperes sweet nothings in one’s ear, Muzzah should be wary.
    Love the close up shots of Sheeple fleece but the picture of pure joy on BeAnne’s face is the best.

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    thank you for yet another uplifting post, filled with gorgeous photos. I hope that there will be a book made from your efforts sometime soon. As much as I don’t enjoy the cold weather, somehow I think that being in that beautiful place with such wonderful animals, I wouldn’t mind it. All the best.

  3. Joe Boyd

    This reminds me of the hymn that says, “All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, the Lord God made them all.” Like another song says, “Everything if beautiful, in its own way!” That’s the same response I had when my son recently sent me pictures of saguaro cacti in the Arizona desert. Beauty is all around us, and we can be thankful that we have eyes to behold it.

  4. diane in northern wis

    You guys work so hard there and make it look like fun! The pictures are truly fun today…..lambie looks adorable and BeAnne looks amazing in that pic. I love monster whispering to Daisy. Everything looks beautiful with the snow. Hope it’s not as cold there as it is here!

  5. Jayne

    On a day like that, snow is a gorgeous thing.

    And your photo of Her Maj? Despite a massive back catalogue of superb images, this one is an absolute stunner.

    Stay safe, stay warm.


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