Les Girls

On our way to packing vegetables at Turriefield, we payed our daily visit to the pregnant Icelandic mares to top-up their water and to check they are doing ok.

Today, they were waiting expectantly by their water buckets.

I think it was more about sheltering from a rather bitter wind than actually wanting to see us.  They don’t usually care.

The girls are doing very well.

Possibly a bit too well or they are pregnant.  Anyway fingers crossed for pregnancy. They did spend all summer with Taktur.

As usual, Brá was her usual wary self.  No carrots equals no chat.

Hetja, on the other hoof, was very happy to chat even when she found I had nothing calorific on me.

Anyway, there is always some over-the-fence grass to be stolen.

I tried to be cross but it really was hopeless as I knew Hetja would continue after I had left.

She will not be told.

**** sigh ****.  But a least she doesn’t wreck the fence or get stuck.

1 thought on “Les Girls

  1. Sam

    If Hetja is pregnant that is a fine reason to eat the yummy grass on the other side of the fence. Especially if visitors “forgot” the carrots that are due to such fine horses.


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