Shetland Ponies in Norway

We stayed one night at the Øya Shetland Pony Stud and in the morning were offered the opportunity to go round and meet the ponies.

The majority were happily living outside in the snow.

We were in our element.

It felt like home…..

…. except for the trees!  I have never seen Shetland ponies walking through trees.  We don’t have any trees of any substance or size here, so I just don’t associate them with the breed at all.  Most odd.

I rather wish, though, we could have trees for our ponies to wander in and out of.

(I sigh wistfully)

The ponies were all enchanting and very friendly.

Very pretty too.

We wandered about making friends.

Everyone came up to talk.

It was lovely to be so appreciated.

And it was even better to be at a home with ponies.

I miss them when I am away.

Like ours, they were very loving.

This cat was the guardian of the stable.  He was truly scary and made our Wussums seem almost nice!

Having hugged and kissed all the equine noseys (well, it would be rude not to), the owner, Eldrid Hoel Slotnæs, brought her stallion and his little friend out of their stable, where they had spent the night.

These two were gorgeous.

Much bouncing and playing.

I could’ve photographed them all day but we had to move on to our next stop.

I seriously need to return and photograph more Shetland ponies in Norway in the snow.  Anyone interested?  Just say the word.

8 thoughts on “Shetland Ponies in Norway

  1. Linda

    Such beautiful ponies, and I understand about being so comfortable around them. I feel that way about dogs.
    That’s interesting about the trees; I’ve noticed not so many (if any) where you live, but you know your ponies don’t miss that they never had; the Norwegian ponies are just working with what they’ve got!

  2. Gwen

    the poies look like yours very friendly is that Daisy giving the ponies a hug? she has a real nice way with her when she goes to be around them

  3. Judith Garbutt

    I enjoyed Nick and I enjoyed the Rorosmartnan photographs but I’ve missed the ponies so today’s were brilliant. Thank you!

  4. Sam

    Universal Nosey kisses! There are pros and cons to trees – raking repeatedly in the fall is a con.
    Love the photos and perhaps you should start up a tour company to travel and visit horses.

  5. Louise Stopford

    A real home from home for you (but with trees). Lovely pony photo’s – bet it made you want to go home and kiss all yours.


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