Sheepie Milestones

Well, as you can see Lambie is doing very well now.  He would like to rule the world and get his own way.


His new love of carrots means he has to mug everyone in case they might be in possession of this magical vegetable.

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Carrots are good for sheep.


I am sure they make his eyelashes curl and even more beautiful (he does have the loveliest eyes in the world and I am not just saying that as his mother).


Lambster is also doing very well.  He is nearly tame and understands most sheepie-like things.


Although, perhaps, not a huge love of carrots, Lambie does feign interest.


I took the dogs out before the latest storm started and Lambie and Lambster (Lambert was down the pub with his mates) diligently followed us all the way along the road and back.  Lambster has never been on a dog walk before but, because Lambie is a regular, then Lambster came along too.  I am sure it will help his back legs which are horribly crooked.  The boys both came running when they were called to catch up – they like to snack along the way and Lambster even managed two happy bounces as he ran to us.  I have never seen him happy-bounce before, so that was a lovely first.  He is now a normal sheep – he baa’s, he bounces and he gives nose kisseys.


And here are a few snaps of The Minions, just in case you were having withdrawal symptoms.

Waffle looking, well, “odd” really.


Silver looking, cough, fat!


And Storm not looking like Storm at all.


(Tiddles was hiding, I think – probably just as well).




6 thoughts on “Sheepie Milestones

  1. Terri

    Storm looks like a lost little boy. Lambie has morphed from a fragile wee lamb into a sturdy, full-grown sheep! (still adorable though) Glad Lambster is coming along nicely under your tutelage — I love his markings. Wish I could reach into cyberspace and give them a hug and run my fingers through their soft and woolly coats.
    THANKS for your reply to my question about how to download a photo — drag and drop worked!

  2. Linda

    Will you look at that fine fluffy Lambie! (I clearly remember when he was in danger of not being around long enough to grow up…)

    And LAMB BOUNCES – that’s just the best!


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