She talks sense

Jo, my business partner, wrote on Facebook today something that made complete sense.
“You can buy 100’s of horse books that will tell you “How to……”
Having watched Hetty, with her dead filly foal yesterday, I wondered “What can I do to help her?”
I watched and realised there was not much I, as a human being, could do for her.  It was the rest of the herd that helped her.
When training youngsters, there are books, more books and videos, now dvd’s on how to train and desensitise a pony.  We always use a bunch of their mates to give them courage, even teaching manners to our youngsters.
And then it suddenly dawned on me – It’s not us that teach them their manners, it’s the rest of the herd.
What are 90% of horse problem’s caused by? – ISOLATION
To be isolated from the herd or peers and no older horses, leaves them empty or bereft of a the essential language they understand and need to educate them.
Shetland moods
A mare in her grief does not need people, she needs a small group of mares to take her away, show her that life goes on and they will be her support, her family.”
Shetlands ponies drinking
Sometimes Jo talks sense.  She said it so much better than me.

8 thoughts on “She talks sense

  1. Carol

    I agree 1000% horses need herds and there is no better place for them to be, especially youngsters in a herd of mixed ages. Someone of similar age to play with and some elders to teach them manners.
    So sad for Hetty….

  2. Nicky Callam

    I have not lost foals, but have been devastated by the loss of yearlings, two year olds and three year olds. Breeding is a tough path to follow.

  3. Linda

    Sorry your mare lost her baby Frances. That was a lovely observation about the herd. I’m sad for her, but she’ll make it through.


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