Sowing Seeds

A calm and easy breakfast for everyone equine (I am loving the new “dining area”) and off I went to Turriefield, a community vegetable growing project 7miles away where I have volunteered for years.  Their core aim is for “as many folk as possible in Shetland to be able to access healthy, fresh, chemical free produce.”

And I have a new job!  I am learning how to sow seeds, which I find very interesting.

I learn best by being told what to do with the reason for it and then off I hopefully go doing it correctly.

I filled seed pots with compost.

Today I planted broadbeans, leeks, kohlrabi and possibly celery (so many tiny tiddly seeds and one or two (depending on instructions) in each pot which was very fiddly).

Then we took all our hard work down in wheelbarrows to the polytunnel where the heated mats and light enclosures are.

“Here’s one I made earlier”.  Well, actually lots and look, look, they’re growing!

I was ridiculously excited about this.

So that was the morning and in the afternoon, I made the middle sheep, while chatting on the phone.  The dark wool is Harrel-the-Barrel’s.  Such a cutey.

FInishing early, as a lamb is easier to make than a sheep (fewer legs), I took a portrait photo of Pepperpot looking very noble.

6 thoughts on “Sowing Seeds

  1. Sam

    Congrats on growing seedlings. Me? I kill them. love the Harrel-Barrel Lamb. I do think you need to do one based on the the last photo.

  2. Jacqueline

    Isn’t nature wonderful. You place this seemingly inert speck in a bed of ‘brown’ and a wee while later, up pops a green thing that goes on to fill one of our basic needs.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Thank you for helping out at Turriefield… wonderful to see the fruits of your labor growing in all those pots. Good for you.


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