Private Dining Area

Bored of the mud (jeezo, it is everywhere), I sectioned off a bit of the next-door field with electric fencing so I can I just dish out the food into six bowls (without being hassled by Storm), open the gate and call everyone in to eat.

This has resulted in breakfast being quite a calm occurrence now rather than the usual bun-fight with added falling-over (that would be me) or getting stuck in the mud (me, again).

Vitamin gets herself a separate bucket because she needs more calories.

As does Fivla who can’t eat with the others because she hates being hassled.  Vitamin just thumps anyone who looks at her food if she hasn’t finished or moved onto their food.  It’s dog-eat-dog in this world or more like Vitamin-eat-Storm/Waffle/Tiddles/Newt. Albie and SIlver are not that stupid.

And, when they’ve all finished, mooched around clearing up, tested the new fence (note-to-self, I must lug a battery plus separate energiser out and make it happen) and been chased out of their private dining area, they all go back to their sea of mud.

It is only muddy at the top of the hill, so it is not everywhere.

Though I can see they are working on this.

Enough, already.  We are all very bored of the mud now.  Please make it stop.

2 thoughts on “Private Dining Area

  1. Sam

    So sorry the Mud Fairy left a large offering in the Minion’s Dining Room. But since she is on Spring Break, mud it is.


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