My back appears to have seized up.  I am trying to gently mobilise and keep on the move before it rusts up forever.  I have a tens machine permanently zapping away which is helping, I think, or at least diverting my pea-like brain.

So bearing this in mind, I decided on an easy day by taking the bebbies into the indoor school.  I let them explore first so I would have their full attention later.


I caught Torbjørn (aka Wafffle) first, put on his headcollar, did some brushing – mane, tail and a bit of body, picked up each foot and took him for a walk around the school.  He was a good boy. The leading and head collar lessons have been done by his original breeder, so I am just really reinforcing good behaviour and cooperation.


Next up was Silver as Storm was being a bit precious about being caught.  I was surprised at how easy Silver was about everything.  I am sure he, again, is used to walking nicely, etc and he was happy to be brushed, pick up his feet, etc.  It is all about trust with him.  I have to earn it.


Then Storm.  Although he didn’t want to be caught and tried to evade me, I quickly convinced him by scratching his backside (something he goes all gooey about) and working my way up to his head and popped on the headcollar.  He feigned complete stupidity about being led, which is rubbish since he was in the show ring last year.  We came to an agreement that if I tickled  his bum, he would walk nicely forwards – basically whatever it takes!   We can refine it later.

BN2A4706 BN2A4710  BN2A4715

I think they look a bit better now for the brushing  I didn’t do too much as I didn’t want to labour the point and will be trying to work with them as much as I can.

BN2A4712 BN2A4714

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