Bebbie Training

Jo popped over with some eggs for The Thordale Summer Egg Shop (now up and running at the end of the gate) so I asked her to give me a hand with the bebbies’ education.

We led Waffle into the shed and Storm and Silver dutifully followed.


There was a certain amount of pointing and laughing from his friends…..


and they were very interested in his lesson – taking it all in.


Each bebbie had a headcollar put on and were tied separately to a string round the edge of the school.  Waffle has a new skill.  He likes to eat his friend’s rope so we had to tie them a bit further away from each other or we will be getting through ropes.

BN2A4844 BN2A4850

Next was the picking up of feet and using a hoofpick too.  Fronts and backs.  They all had to do it at least once nicely and calmly, without an argument or snatching back their feet.

BN2A4852 BN2A4854 BN2A4855 BN2A4857

Storm got into a a bit of thing about this so I talked to his front end and told him how clever he was, while Jo did each foot.  He was much better then.


Err…. me (oh dear).


This is my preferred method of training – having a chat and kissing the nosey.


Silver managed to get himself into a mess.  He was swiftly put right.  All part of his education.


Storm got the hang of walking nicely (after my input obviously).


They are very trusting little souls and respond well to positive training methods and kisses.


(I bet Jo regrets visiting but at least I got to take photos this time)


7 thoughts on “Bebbie Training

  1. Karen

    Well I will be up in June and staying about 5 minutes away from you. I can be put to work helping to train the bennies any day and will even bring a bag of carrots for good work rewards 😉 You only have to say the word…..

    1. Karen

      Yay, now I can’t wait…we travel up on the 14th June. Will make sure to buy a big bag of carrots on the way through Lerwick 😀

  2. Ruth

    What colour would you say Silver is ?
    Think it will be interesting when he casts his coat.
    You have done a grand job with them.
    Every day I always am eager to catch up on your blog, always interesting.
    Ruth x

  3. roberta

    all I can say is Shetlands!……..gotta just love them.
    We are hairy here probably not as much as you………….but hairy.


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