Manners and Special Skills

Spring has sprung so now is the time to work on some of the bebbies necessary life skills.


Special Skill No 1 – picking each hoof up, one at a time, upon my request of “up, up” without making a fuss or walking off.  I have started to do this in their field each day when I go for my chat. They have proved that they are strong enough to stand on three legs, or even two!


Special Skill No 2 – having a head collar taken on and off.  I am going to start bringing the boys into the school to work with them and brush them so they will need to know about this.  (I might wait until I have help for this).

BN2A4650 BN2A4653

Special Skill No 3 – being led, nicely.  At the moment I have not led them anywhere very much – they just tend to follow but I want them to learn to lead nicely.


Special Skill No 4 – no biting people, not even nibbling please.  The bebbies are told this behaviour is not acceptable and seem to be learning that I don’t like it very much.  They can eat each other.

BN2A4662 BN2A4666

Special Skill No 5 – no bouncy bottoms when folk are about.  The bebbies can be a very boisterous bunch and those little hooves would hurt.  So far we all remain unscathed!

BN2A4674 BN2A4676

Half of me wants to put them out with the big boys where they will quickly learn their manners but I do not think they are really ready for this.  The big boys mostly have shoes on too, which can do damage.

The greatest fan of the bebbies is Taktur. Everyday, after his lunch, he goes to visit them and stands with his head over their gate talking to them.  They instantly lick and chew obeyance to him.  He is their King.


1 thought on “Manners and Special Skills

  1. Cate

    As a retired Kindergarten teacher, I’m seeing the bebbies as quite a rambunctious infant class—which are often the most rewarding kind, once you convince them to see things your way! 😀 They’ve certainly made an excellent choice of role model.


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