Riding This Morning

A few photos from today.  It was a nice morning, so I called the Old Men up and went for a ride – Klængur and Taktur.

You would think from the look of Klængur afterwards that I thrashed him for hours. I didn’t.  He got himself into his usual witter, raced Taktur and tölted like a demon out and home.  I am a mere passenger. Klængur dictates his speed. I just sit there and shut up! That’s my job.

Iacs stayed at home.

He had the sheeple for companions.  They look like an album cover here.

Meanwhile, BeAnne, sporting her “Dorothy” from the Wizard of Oz bandana, was trying to get us to feed her early.  She has lunchtime liver support pills in wafer thin ham, which she adores.

Monster was on her case and told her to wait and he wanted ham too.

This is Monster’s idea of camouflage.

These days, dear little BeAnne is very keen on food – she has chunked on over a kilo in the past few months.  Steroids and laxatives are clearly the way forward.

My latest plan is to keep Haakon more active. I don’t want him to seize up so Daisy kindly gave me a riding lesson – all in walk with me concentrating on my position and Haakon concentrating on everything else.

It was a superb lesson and it is always good to have someone to tell you what you can improve on and think about. We both really enjoyed it and, even though I am leaving on Wednesday, Daisy has promised to keep riding Haakon for me.

I just need him to go on forever.  Is that too much to ask?

3 thoughts on “Riding This Morning

  1. Sam

    What great news that BeAnne is getting chunky! Yummy ham will do that for her and the wide Monster aka walking bath tub. Do love the Sheeple Album cover. And nice to see you riding without much pain again.


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