Après Town

We all needed to go to town for a haircut today.  So I herded my sheeple together and they came too.  A previous phone call this week had told me the shop had one left.

Lerwick looked pretty bleak on a Saturday afternoon, which was sad to see.

But we saw Tommy the cat – he has his own Facebook page.

Tommy wasn’t feeling very sociable and was more interested in playing with the cigarette-butts in the drain pipe.  Nice!

The Street was busier as we walked along.

I popped into Jamieson’s shop and filled up my little field.  The sheeple seemed happy enough with their new accomodation.

Let’s hope they sell quickly while I make some more.  I have no stock now.

I think we can safely say Autumn has arrived – this is Jamieson’s front window. The usual feast of glorious colours and inspiration.

We also admired the beautiful flowers that hang outside all the shops.  Just gorgeous.

The Street done, the hair cut, Tesco’s emptied and now home. I have a headache. I’m not used to having to find clean clothes, mud-free shoes and seeing people.  Far too much like hard work for me. I would much rather stay at home.

2 thoughts on “Après Town

  1. diane in northern wis

    I agree with you Frances, I would much rather stay at home too. My hubby is the Goer. At least I’m not having to go to the clinic a zillion times, like I did last year. I’m a homebody and glad to be here. I love all the new sheep you put in the store in town. They are so cute. I know if I were a tourist, I would buy one for sure, as a momento. You do great work!


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