Requests and Cake!

A few days back a friend tweeted the following and we got into conversation.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 19.46.05

What a dear friend.  True to her word, she and her son, Holden, turned up with a large box containing a ginormous slice of a the most incredible chocolate cake.  Apparently there was courgette in there!  I highly recommend.  She has a very popular blog site and said she will be putting up the recipe shortly.  I will be intrigued to look at the ingredient list.


Holden loved the dogs.  He introduced himself to Her Maj, but he adored Loki who loyally followed him around everywhere.

IMG_0200  IMG_0217 IMG_0223

Meanwhile downstairs, Floss was diligently baking her coffee cake that I had requested (Request No 1).  I had a yearning for coffee cake.  She did brilliantly, completely with what we call “mouse’s messes” (my Mum, who reads this, will know exactly what I mean!)


Request No 2 to Floss was to take some photos of Wuss as I have only briefly seen him once since my return.  He lives in my proper bedroom but that is the other side of the house and to get to me he would have to actually leave the bed which is not something he is very keen on now winter has arrived.  I am almost thinking he might’ve lost weight.  Almost.

IMG_1070 IMG_1085IMG_1089

Request No 3 – Please take some photos of some Shetland ponies.  So Floss set out on her daily walk but this time down the road to our neighbours – Bergli Stud.  They have an extensive stud of both standard and miniature Shetland ponies.  I can’t see anything equine from my window so it is nice to see the little ones around and about.


I will admit that I am not getting on particularly well with this bedrest.  I am dodging 24/7 migraines and finding it very difficult, to be honest.  My district nurse said encouragingly today that I only have 47 more injections.  Nuff said.

4 thoughts on “Requests and Cake!

  1. Sam

    Both cakes look sinfully delish! As for the migraines, is there enough air flow in your room? Sometimes stale air (full of CO2) can trigger migraines. Well, that plus boredom of bedrest. At least you got pictures of Wussums!

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