Today was a write-off.  I woke up with a stonking migraine.  Ugh. I hate them and I have had them since I was born, though they have become less frequent as I have become older.  Yay.  But there has been one looming in the background for a while which saw its opportunity this morning.


So I stayed in bed and I haven’t got any further (not that I was going anywhere but I do usually get dressed to lie on my bed).

I spent the morning lying in a dark room, willing my analgesia to kick in.  Eventually it did and I hope that is the back of it.  I emerged in the afternoon, bleary eyed and fairly uncommunicative.


Floss, bless her, went out with some veg leftovers for the horses and apparently all OH could hear was “Ahem!” as they crowded around her. But she dished out the remains fairly and there was only one argument between Iacs and Klaengur.

IMG_1003 IMG_1022IMG_1028

I haven’t seen Jack since my return from hospital apart from out of the window.  He is so old and he can’t hear me when I shout to say hello.  He is too old to manage the stairs too and would loathe to be picked up and carried up to see me.


Apparently Jack attached himself to Floss and followed her home. He was on a dogwalk that he didn’t want to go on.  So she took him home again. He is too old for this kind of walking malarky.


I must try and get downstairs next week.  I want to see everyone. I miss them all. 

4 thoughts on “Migraine

  1. Celeste

    Oh dear, you ARE having a rough time of it. Thank you for posting anything, given all that. Love the photo of the cat on the roof! Perhaps taking photos out of your upstairs window will give you a different perspective on the same old place.

    My wishes for a speedy healing are with you!

  2. Mandy

    I’ve had them since I was born too Frances, although they’re nowhere near as serious as they were when I was younger. Hope you feel better soon.


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