Puppy Told Off

This is the face of one who has been told off!

The usual puppy stuff….. no recall, random peeing (just when we thought we had it sussed), ragging the cat, ragging Ted, never stopping ragging everyone, eating valuable instruction leaflets and/or anything really that stops moving long enough to fall in her mouth. Of course it is never Pepper’s fault, she will tell you.

Today has been a nice busy day. First thing and I was off to town to get more hay.  I rarely stop to take photos of my journey but I parked the van into a lay-by to take this photo.

Very magical.

The hay collected and I went off to the Street to survey my little Sheeple field.

I added more stock with a few I had created over the Christmas break and took note of the colours of sheep I need to make more of.

No time for lunch, so I made a quick dash back home. The hay is unpacked and stacked (thank you OH and Floss) while I had a few more things to do and now I have a giant mug of tea beside me as I write this.

Shetland is very beautiful this time of year.

10 thoughts on “Puppy Told Off

  1. Judith Garbutt

    You won’t want to hear that my Patterdale x is now 10 years old and still shreds any piece of paper she can find! Tell Pepper that if she’s upset about being told off, she can come to me for cuddles! She has such a sweet face. xx

  2. Lisa

    I am intrigued that you go into town to buy hay. Does it come from a feed store? Is it brought to the island from somewhere else? I have always gone to local folks who make their hay on their property and sell it out of their barn-or off the hay wagon if it is in the summer and being baled.

    1. Frances Post author

      Yes, hay is shipped in from Scotland. You can buy Shetland hay. I would prefer not to. The horses are not a fan.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Oh my…..what a face that first picture is. I love it. Hope she learns a few manners sometime soon.

  4. Claire

    Good Sunday morning, Frances. I noticed a beautiful little red phone booth in one of your street pictures. Are they still common and usable? Have a pleasant day and thank you for your daily missives.


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