One Man and His Bucket

Floss and I were out at the first glimpse of daylight this morning with everyone’s haynets and/or buckets.

I stood guard beside Haakon because his bucket (TurmerAid and soaked sugarbeet) is bigger and he takes longer to eat it.  I was deliberating whether to put a rainsheet rug on him for the next few days as the weather is disintegrating again.

In the end I thought I wouldn’t as Haakon hates wearing anything and walks about far more without one on. There is plenty of shelter in the field and he is nice and fat too.

He has a thick winter coat and I could see he had been happily rolling and gathering mud in case I felt the need to brush him.

Luckily, I didn’t.

We tied the Old Men’s haynets on the gate so they didn’t have to stand in the mud to eat. When the wind is this fierce, there is no point putting hay on the ground – it just instantly blows away.

And then on my way home, I met Harrel.  These days he is trying to be a small table.

Maggie came to join him and I took a family photo.

So, now the wind is howling and it is raining a bit but I am glad I didn’t put a rug on Haakon. He will be fine. I will not worry. I will not worry. I will not worry.

3 thoughts on “One Man and His Bucket

  1. Sam

    You will worry but you also know he is fine. As for the Harrel Table…rather cute but not very flat for a mug of gin to sit on.

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Love the Maggie and Harrel family pic.
    Haakon will be fine. Mother Nature knows best. But it is hard to not second guess yourself.
    But you can always change your mind if there is a monsoon down pour .
    Thinking warm and dry thoughts for you all.
    Wish we had some of that moisture over here in The SW.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Great pics of the horses eating their hay and isn’t Harrel cute though? Maggie looks like she’s getting white on her coat? Love all your critters and you take such good care of them, Frances! God love ya!


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