Fire Breathing Dragon

Every other day, I try to do some kind of training with Dreki the Dragon.   As our ultimate destination is the Big Bad World outside, then that is where we must go.

We go out usually in the evening, when it is much quieter and we can escape the hubbub – that would be our single track road with the very occasional car!

Dreki is the best of companions.

Last night, I let him explore everything in his own time.

He stopped, looked, thought (you can hear the actual cogs whirring)….


And looked beautifully majestic.

And, of course, we chatted as we walked.

Some scary sheep things were considered to be the spawn of Satan but after some detailed reasoning that Dreki actually lived with sheep, he saw sense.

I even trusted him with his own rope, just not for very long. I am as stupid as I look.

Cars are a bit of a thing, so we spent some time while I dug around in mine looking for a tissue.

So that’s what we are doing at the moment. All experiences are good experiences and Dreki and I are working on our relationship, teamwork and being the best of friends.  Just me and him.

Oh yes, and when Dreki is unsure he snorts like a fire-breathing dragon.  How incredible is that?  I laugh and laugh.

5 thoughts on “Fire Breathing Dragon

  1. Celeste

    Aww, he is growing up to be just as handsome as my favorite, Taktur. Good for him for exercising his curiosity and his nose, as well as his legs. What a wonderful guy! So glad you had a good walk together.


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