Procrastinating Gently

Well the blog is still technically limping along and my advisor cannot seem to get a clear answer as to why.  But I will leave it in his capable hands and hope for the best.

This morning another good friend sent me some photos of my ponies as she drove past in her car and I thank her hugely for that.  I always ask everyone to take photos if they see my ponies in Sandness (4 miles away) and this is the first person to deliver.  Lovely to see the Shetland ponies, even out of a car window.


Those bottoms look like Zoot and her mother, Melinda.


Fivla is standing guard while Lucky Charm (aka Dingo) and her mother, Finnister Nanook, are in the background.   Nanook is Fivla’s half sister.  They share the same Sire – Orgyll of Mousa.  We did not know this when we asked to borrow a mare and foal to be company for Zoot.  As sisters, the mares are not very similar in character or looks but having said that, they liked each other immediately.  I wonder if they know they are related.  They would never have met.  Fivla is 3 years older and she came to us when she was only 6 months old.

I have a wheelchair now so I am hoping to get out and about more next week.  I tried walking on crutches yesterday and although I can go faster, it hurts my back so much.  I felt it last night and could hardly move this morning.  I can’t wait to go and see the outside world.  I promise to take my camera.


Meanwhile, Nick continues to bring me horses which is perfect.  The instant feel-good factor for someone stuck indoors.

So life (and, dammit, my website and my blog) is slow at the moment but that is by choice and necessity mostly.  I need to get my arse outside again, I think.  I miss outside.


3 thoughts on “Procrastinating Gently

  1. meg

    Hi Frances,
    first of all, happy to hear that you are healing, if very slowly. And thank you for your lovely blog, it makes my coffee taste better!
    And I also wanted to ask if you would like some help with your website (free of course!)
    I’m a web designer, and i can knock something together in a couple of hours in the same style that you have now but with bigger pictures/responsive frames (meaning it will view nicely on smart phones/ipads etc)
    and any changes you want really. Are you using a CMS (wordpress? joomla?) or are you going oldschool classic HTML? Either way i can either send you a template or a full site for you to populate.
    As a “thank you for being awsome and treating me to eyecandy every evening” really.
    and it would take a little stress away from your life, even better! 🙂
    Love your photos!
    Best wishes from the nerd-herd down south (Folkestone)
    // Meg

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you, Meg, for your kind offer. I am pottering gently with mine but any pointers or tips would be helpful. I use Freeway Pro so dont have to code (thankfully).


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