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I am not getting on with building the Thordale Stud website.  I like the format yet it is messy.  I am toying with a new one now but I am just not sure and am just going through the basics first before I commit and really get building.

Have websites changed much in the past?  Is less more?  Do folk read what I write?  I just don’t know.  All theories gratefully received.

Old and original one – http://thordale.co.uk/ – which lives with the theory of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

New design below (ignore the underlines – I am fighting with the ruddy button things) ….

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 18.07.28

To make up for all this website kerfuffle, Nick kindly brought Haakon to me this evening for some therapy and fresh air.  Now this is much nicer.

L1010133 L1010142 L1010146

Haakon was braver this time and accepted my predicament so he sniffed and licked my toes.


Horse slobber on my plaster (and yes, that is a bruised big toe and not varnish) is a very funny feeling.  Tickly and rather worrying.


Then, as a reward for Haakon’s bravery, Nick offered him some banana bread.  Haakon always loves banana skins but the bread was not to his liking.


So he politely asked for Polos instead which he was convinced were in a pocket.


BeAnne was about and received the customary sniff, much to her loathing.


She only truly likes horses when she can ride them.  She is much happier up there and is very peaceful in her own little world where she can watch them pesky bunny wabbits in the fields from a better height.  Haakon never cares when she is there and wandered off to find some grass having exhausted all the calorific potential from us.

L1010211  L1010225 L1010240 L1010249

So, we all just stood by the door and watched them wander off into the distance together.


The End





6 thoughts on “Effing Website

  1. Sam

    Yes, websites have changed. People “want the bells & Whistles” or so the coders want you to think so. And yes, we do read but not all of us take the time to respond. Our local politician considers every email, call or letter to equal 10-20 people who agree but don’t contact them. That being said, LOVE the picture of BeAnne napping on Haakon!

    Can you some time, put the phonic way of saying the horse names?

    1. Frances Post author

      Will do!
      Klaengur – Clang-gur (hard g),
      Haakon – Hawk-on,
      Taktur – Tack-turr,
      Iacs – EyeYacks,
      Hetja – Het-ya
      Ljossfaxi – Lyoss-faxsi
      Fakur – F-ow-kurr (ow like you are hurt)
      Esja – Ess-ya
      Hreyfing – Herref-fing

      Hope that helps

  2. Joanie

    We definately read here in California. I check your blog every single day. I love the beautiful pictures and the stories of the personalities. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    BeAnne on Haakon is just amazing! How does she get down?

    1. Frances Post author

      She jumps! On her own and never falls. She uses the side of the horse to help her. I will film it one day for you. x


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